27.07.2021 - 14:47 Uhr
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UV Measuring Station Kiel

Mo. 21.09.2020

Current measured values from 08:40 MESZ *               Astronomische Angaben
- Sunburn effective UV radiation    9   mW/m²     - Sunrise   07:10   MESZ
- current UV Index 0 - Solar noon   13:13 MESZ
- UV Index (daily maximum value) 0 08:25 MESZ - Sunset   19:14 MESZ
- Sunburn effective UV dose 18 J/m² - Day length   12:04 h:min
- Total solar radiation 169 W/m² - Noon elevation   36.1 °
- Solar insolation 0.09 kWh/m² - Current solar elevation   13.1 °
- Sunshine duration 0:40 h:min
- Air temperature 8.6 °C
- Air pressure 1019 hPa
- Air pressure development (3h) 7 hPa/h  
* continuously updated all 5 min Table optimized for smartphones: click here


The sunburn effective UV radiation is the biologically weighted radiation being responsible for the sunburn. It results from an integration of the the wavelength-dependent physical UV irradiance at ground level weighted by the biological sensitivity of the skin getting sunburnt ...

The UV Index is an internationally standardized measure of the sunburning effect of UV radiation. It is derived as an integer value from the measured sunburn effective UV irradiance on a horizontal surface ...

The sunburn-effective UV dose is the total amount of sunburn-active UV radiation added up over the day ...

The total solar radiation is the entire radiant power of the sun which strikes a horizontally oriented surface. The total radiation includes the areas UV radiation, visible light and infrared heat radiation ...

The solar insolation is the total radiated power of the sun (total solar radiation) summed up over the day ...

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