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Current measurements

On the following pages you will find detailed information about the UV measuring station Kiel-Klausbrook, current measurements, used equipment and sensors, measure provided for quality assurance and protection against solar UV radiation, contact data, etc. In addition to the measurement of optical radiation also general weather data are collected and updated every 5 minutes.


The aim of the measuring station is to record the solar UV radiation in Kiel-Klausbrook, to evaluate the radiation medically (i.e., in terms of their effectiveness to achieve sunburn) and to present the data easily understandable to the public...

The measuring station

The measuring station Kiel-Klausbrook (54.35°N, 10.10°E, 20 m a.s.l.) consists of a Raspberry Pi, on whose freely programmable GPIO bus and upstream ADC and power amplifier several analog meters (e.g., pyranometers, UV index sensors, PT100, etc.) can be connected and read out. Digital sensors (temperature sensor, barometer, UV index sensors, etc.) currently being used are directly connected and read out via USB, I2C or 1-wire bus.

The measuring station is currently still in the development phase. Additional sensors will be added in the near future (cloud camera, PM10 / PM2.5 sensor). Complete documentation and information about the station, the calibration of the sensors and the measuring accuracy takes place after completion of the construction.

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